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I don’t know about you, but I love Facebook. I have had many people who are not huge fans of technology tell me that they don’t “get” Facebook.

At first, I didn’t either. I just added some friends and each day logged on and saw a one liner telling me everything from each mundane chore that they accomplished to arguments that they engaged in with other Facebook friends. This was not my idea of fun.

I later found some really addicting Facebook games and logged on each day to play my game. I added friends as I received requests and soon had about 30 family members at my fingertips who I have not seen in person in over 15 years. I found a neighbor from when I was six years old and my best friend from elementary school who helped me navigate the shark-filled waters of the sixth grade.

In Facebook, I have also found a new tool for evangelization. 

How can we use Facebook to bring friends back to (or into) the Catholic Church? Easy!

Here’s how you can get started today:

Share those Catholic articles and funny pictures.

With the advent of the “share” button on almost every blog and website, it is very easy to share things on your Facebook wall. On the other hand, be careful NOT to share those funny sayings and political bashing that go against Catholic teaching (we can oppose a Presidential candidate without sinning!). When we share things against Catholic teaching, we could end up reinforcing misinformation that our friends and family may have about the Church.

Use a favorite quote or Bible verse as your status.

This is helpful because our Catholic brothers and sisters that may not be attending Mass may see something that inspires them to return. I have also found it useful to share Bible verses to show my Protestant friends that Catholics do, indeed, read the Bible.

“Like” Catholic blogs and sites.

Not only does this make your favorite blogger feel loved, but it also brings their blog feed and pertinent Catholic information right onto your timeline. Now, all you have to do is click “share” and you have spread the Good News to all of your friends.

Be “friends” with Catholic superstars.

Among my Facebook friends are Lisa Hendey, Kathleen Basi, and Sarah Reinhard. Although they will humbly deny that they are superstars,  these Catholic woman have been valuable and reliable sources of Catholic information that I have forwarded on to my friends via that trusty “share” button.

There are as many devout Christians who are against social media as there are staunch supporters (maybe more). When the pope tells us that this is a useful tool of which we should become good stewards, I think we need to at least take an honest look at the benefits of something as readily available as an internet connection.

When you use social media, such as Facebook in the ways outlined above, you are not only learning about your Catholic faith, but you are evangelizing to others.

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Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart is the crafty Catholic multicultural mom of three boys. She became Catholic in 2007 after a life of longing for the faith. To see her crafty ideas and reviews written from a Catholic viewpoint, visit her at her blog, Through My “I”s. Her Catholic crafts can also be found on the first Monday of every month at CatholicMom.com. Alicia can be contacted for questions and comments at [email protected]

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