American Catholics, Take Action!

When I was a child, I loved to play with Play-Doh. My imagination would run wild with ideas of the different things I could create from the vibrant hues of dough.

Often I would get the great idea to mix several of my favorite colors together and create an incredible swirl of color that was breathtaking in its simplicity. The only problem was, in my childhood excitement, I would continue to knead the dough, hoping to make it even better—more beautiful than ever before—only to find out that it turned into a repulsive murky brown color when over-mixed. I believe a similar change has happened in America.

In 1776, my great-grandfather, John Hart, and 55 other men signed the Declaration of Independence, freeing themselves and 2.5 million people from British control. This meant that the newly-minted American people would be allowed certain freedoms that they did not have in the past. It declared freedom from excessive taxation, freedom from monarchy, and freedom to worship God without the constant intervention of the government. Catholics were still somewhat oppressed because the anti-Catholic English views were still ingrained among the colonialists but generally, things were looking up in America.

In the years after the Revolution, many changes occurred and America started looking like the kaleidoscope of colored Play-Doh I loved as a child. Vibrant hues from all over the world came to America in hopes of a better life. African-Americans gained true citizenship and women began to be looked upon as productive citizens. People with special needs and mental illness were no longer locked away never to be seen again but allowed to flourish to their full potential. Our country was a beautiful swirl of magnificent color!

Fast forward to the 21st century. At this moment, we are living the times when our vibrant swirled multicolored America is beginning to take on the repulsive colors of Americanism in its truest form. We must all act the same way, look the same way, think the same way, and vote the same way or else we are considered outsiders, weirdoes, or worse, terrorists in our own country. Hispanic-Americans are the new slaves—offered low wages for hard work and mistreated by everyone, from the American government to its citizens. Women are being exploited in the sex industry with the over-use of pornography and the sex trafficking that happens daily behind closed doors. People with special needs are becoming few and far between in this densely populated nation because on-demand abortions are available until birth.

The worst part of all is that many Catholics are falling into this pattern and contributing to the over-mixing murkiness instead of taking a stand against it.

How can we, as Catholic Americans take a stand against these atrocities that our once-fine country is facing?

If we all work together for the common good of the people, loving as Jesus loved, I think there is hope for America.

Copyright © 2013, Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart is the crafty Catholic multicultural mom of three boys. She became Catholic in 2007 after a life of longing for the faith. To see her crafty ideas and reviews written from a Catholic viewpoint, visit her at her blog, Through My “I”s. Her Catholic crafts can also be found on the first Monday of every month at Alicia can be contacted for questions and comments at [email protected]

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  1. tillman says:

    I have a few questions as a practicing catholic to the leadership of the church. The 1st question is that Jesus stated pay Caesar his taxes, would Jesus agree today with that statement knowing millions of Caesars taxes are spent on murdering his own creations? Or Would Jesus tell his followers to stand up to Caesar & make the hard choice to not support Caesar? Is the reason not to stand up against mans laws that go directly against Gods laws is because of tax exemptions ? Why doesn’t our leadership just say NO to the demands made by our government , WWJD ?

  2. tillman says:

    It seems as though the leadership on 1 hand goes along w/ the social policies of the Democratic Party . When it seems the democratic policies go against the laws of humanity. Where do we draw the line ? Our leadership should choose on the lines of our God not the political correctness of the day. It seems that our church is divided by political correctness , when most Catholics speak about making the right hard choices and standing for what is just and right not politically correctness. This is what people of all faiths are looking for . Truths .

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