The New Evangelization and You: A Challenge!

The New Evangelization and You: A Challenge!The New Evangelization and You: A Challenge!

Have you read Greg Willits’s new book, The New Evangelization and You? If not, you need to grab a copy as soon as possible!

Not only is it well-written and practical, it is tried and true because, let’s face it, Greg knows the New Evangelization!

The New Evangelization and You inspired me so much that beginning on August 1, I am going to challenge myself to complete one task per week from Chapter 10, A Year of New Evangelizing for a year. This chapter contains 52 ideas each for knowing your faith, living your faith, and sharing your faith. I am going to choose one idea per week in no particular order and from any of the areas to tackle and blog about it on my personal blog.

My challenge to you is to buy a copy of Greg’s book if you don’t already have one (and I know you probably do!) and read through it. Then I want you to try to incorporate some of his ideas in your life.

You may choose just one idea and implement it well, but please try, because no matter what we do:

“in our various efforts of service, our ministries, and apostolates, our parishes and communities, when we work in communion and conjunction and cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we fulfill our duty as disciples called to witness.” (pg. 143)

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Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart

Alicia Hart is the crafty Catholic multicultural mom of three boys. She became Catholic in 2007 after a life of longing for the faith. To see her crafty ideas and reviews written from a Catholic viewpoint, visit her at her blog, Through My “I”s. Her Catholic crafts can also be found on the first Monday of every month at Alicia can be contacted for questions and comments at [email protected]

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