Get Involved

You’re ready to be a New Evangelizer.  You may think you’re not, but we can guarantee you are.

You may think, “But I’m terrible at quoting Scripture.”

Or perhaps you say, “I love the Catechism, but every time I try to explain Catholicism to someone, I get all tripped up and the wrong words come out.”

The great thing about the New Evangelization is that there are so many different roles for each of us to play.  God made you unique for a reason, and He’s given you your own gifts and talents that you can put to work for the Kingdom of God here on earth.

The easiest way to become a New Evangelizer is simply get some of our DVDs, CDs, or other materials and just start giving them away.  We’ll give you a free one to get you started, but we’ve made it possible for you to get boxes of mass quantities of That Catholic Show, talks by people like Fr. Leo Patalinghug, and more added every day so that you can simply give them away to everyone you meet.

Imagine changing someone’s life simply by giving a stranger a free DVD.  How awesome is that?

Want More Ways to Be a New Evangelizer?

There are many other ways for you to get involved.  First off, our biggest need is prayer warriors.  Seriously.  Offer up Rosaries for New Evangelizers.  Pray for us daily that we have all the resources we need to keep going.

It is a tremendous time to be Catholic, and an exciting time to learn more about our faith so as to more effectively share our faith with others.

We humbly ask you to prayerfully consider how God might be calling you to assist this vitally important apostolate, and that you generously respond to that call.

Secondly, we need financial help.

Lastly, here are other ways volunteer ways that we need help:

  • Community/Bulletin Board – No good sharing your faith face-to-face?  What about online?  Join our amazing community of Catholics joyfully sharing our faith with others.
  • Team Leads – Been involved with New Evangelizers for awhile?  Already know everyone on our Community Boards?  Ready to kick it up a notch?  Let us know and we’ll see if we can put your volunteer enthusiasm to work.
  • Technical – Are you a gangbuster developer?  Know CSS, PHP, and more and code in your sleep?  Always wondered if you could put your skills to work serving God?
  • Writers/Editors –  Already have a popular blog, article, or writing outlet?  Do you take positive criticism well?  Do you want to do more to encourage and inspire others? We could always use more help.
  • Other ideas? – Perhaps you have addition ideas, we’re always open to hearing them. Post your suggestions over on our community forum.