Saturday Songs

A small set to get you singing this Saturday!

Heal proclaim teach

Book Review: To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach by Jared Dees

Those of us in the business of doing Catechesis are well aware that things are not quite coming together as we’d hoped. And there is frustration all around along with finger pointing and blaming. In addition, we have this call…


Saint Ignatius of Antioch

Editor’s note: Please join me in welcoming Debbie McCoy to New Evangelizers. We’re glad you’ve joined u sand look forward to learning about the saints and evangelization! One could say that anyone who has anything interesting to say may be…


Grandmother’s House

Memories of my Grandmother’s house powerfully evoke all five of my senses. I can still hear the creak of the linoleum steps beneath my feet as I would ascend to her second floor apartment, the smell of simmering marinara sauce…


Pastoral Orthodoxy

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis released his apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) in response to the recent Synod on the family. Some were hoping that the document would move towards normalizing and validating sexual relationships that…


I Never Knew You

21 Not everyone that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 22 Many will say to…



Now remember what you were, my friends, when God called you. From the human point of view few of you were wise or powerful or of high social standing. 1 Corinthians 1:26 God has a knack for picking ambassadors who…


A Casket

I was lucky enough to be able to call him Uncle Ed. Most people called him Father Ed. He was awesome in both roles. On Good Friday of this year, he wrote a blog post with a great insight into the…


Follow Me

So the other disciple, who was known to the high priest, went out and spoke to the maid who kept the door and brought Peter in. The maid who kept the door said to Peter, “Are not you also one…

confession joy

What are you waiting for?

Confession: Part II In the last article, I discussed reasons many of us do not frequenting the confession. However, now the bright side: reasons for confession. If your earliest recollection of the sacrament of confession was a fearful one, join…