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“No believer in Christ can be separate from the supreme beauty; of proclaiming Christ to all the people’.” — Pope John Paul II, Vatican City, Sept. 19, 2003

What is the role of Catholic radio in evangelization? For many years, I have known how effective Catholic TV has been in evangelizing others. I have been an avid EWTN TV fan since 1992 and serve as an EWTN media missionary. However, I was not a frequent listener of Catholic radio until recently. 

For many years, I worked long hours outside the home and was unable to listen to it on the job.  I did a lot of driving, but I could not get it in my car. It has only been in current years that I have been able to listen to Catholic radio at home (I still can’t get it in my car). Also, since my book Seven Saints for Seven Virtues was released in October, I have been a guest on syndicated radio programs, which has made me more aware of the influence radio has in terms of educating and evangelizing others in the faith. 

A post on Linked-In by Steve Gajdosik, President of the Catholic Radio Association, points out the crucial role Catholic radio plays in evangelization. Gajdosik received an email from Scot Landry at AM 1060 in Boston who created an acronym, “PRACTICE”, which highlights the benefits of Catholic radio that he encourages others to share. The acronym helps us to remember them.

Catholic Radio is:

Personal –Radio touches people personally regardless of where they are. It allows a listener to dialogue with the speaker in the privacy of his own mind in a one-on-one dialogue.

Relevant – Catholic radio answers the biggest questions of life: Does God exist? What is the purpose of life? Why does a loving God allow suffering and evil?

Available –Everyone can listen, especially the poor and homeless (no subscription or service needed).

Continuous –Radio is always available, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It can be listened to while driving, cooking or even mowing the lawn.

Timely –Radio covers important issues and concerns as they happen.

Impactful –Through thousands of testimonials it is clear Catholic radio transforms lives through connecting listeners with the truths of the Faith with charity and clarity.

Cost-effective –Dollar for dollar radio costs less than any other medium; it reaches more people in less time for less money with less staff.

Efficacious –Radio makes other efforts and programs fruitful.

Catholic radio helps us PRACTICE the Faith. Actually, the benefits are three-fold in terms of our evangelization motto: It helps us to know the Faith, to live the Faith, and to share the Faith. 

First, it helps us to know and understand the Faith better. It also introduces non-Catholics to the Faith. It serves an evangelization tool to attract others to the Faith and to address questions they have about the Faith. Combined with conversion stories and apologetics, it provides an effective evangelization message for both the head and the heart.

When we encourage others to listen to a particular program or to participate in a call-in program with a question or concern, we are sharing the Faith.  

Take some time this coming week to listen to Catholic radio and encourage others to do so, as well. It is an easy and effective way of evangelizing both yourself and others.

Here are some links to some great Catholic radio stations:

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Jean Heimann

Jean Heimann

Jean M. Heimann has been involved with adult faith formation for 23 years. She has an M.A. in Theology and is a new evangelizer, freelance writer, and oblate with the Community of St. John. Jean blogs at Catholic Fire.

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