11 Easy Ways to Evangelize at Christmas

Christmas is the origin of Christian evangelization in the world because the primary Eucharistic event of our faith is the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God’s Living Word made flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is He offers Himself to us Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist.

As we gaze upon the Babe in the manger and as we receive Him in Holy Communion, let us be ever aware of our mission to be witnesses to God’s life-giving love in the world.

How do we evangelize at Christmas as Catholics? There are thousands of little ways we can share our faith and draw others to the Good News. Here are some of the ways I like to evangelize.

  1. Put up an outdoor manger scene. This reminds others what the season is all about and Who are lives should focus on. Make sure that it is well-lit.
  2. Invite others into your home during the Christmas season. Keep up Advent wreath, your nativity, your candles, and your tree until the liturgical season ends. Make sure everything is well-lit. Discuss how your family celebrates Christmas with guests – include your family traditions and your preparations for Christmas.
  3. Invite non-practicing Catholics, agnostics, or non-practicing members of other faiths to attend Mass with you during the Christmas Season. Share a church bulletin which lists Mass times or make a copy to give them.
  4. Give Catholic books, CD’s, DVD’s, and sacramentals as Christmas presents.
  5. Be extra-friendly and considerate of everyone who enters your parish church at Christmas. You might be surprised at how many people you attract to the faith through your smile, handshake, or cheerful, considerate behavior.
  6. Christmas is a time when people may be missing someone. They may be feeling lonely, depressed, or grieving the loss of a family member or someone close to them who has passed on.  It is a time for you to reach out to them – to be a listening ear, to express compassion or comfort. Invite them to Christmas dinner, bring them homemade baked items, or take them out to eat.
  7. Go caroling in a nursing home. Visit someone who has no family or friends.
  8. Deliver toys and groceries to families who are in need at Christmas.
  9. Adopt an unemployed family for Christmas and provide for their needs.
  10. Share the Christmas story with grandchildren or children in the family. Have an older child read directly from Luke.
  11. Give a religious ornament as a gift at your Christmas exchange parties.

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, Thank you for giving us the gift of yourself this Christmas. Thank you for coming into the world and bringing us hope, peace, and joy. You are the Love of our Life. Help us to share Your love with those we encounter, so they may see Your face in us. Through your grace, help us give the gift of faith to others. Grant us the desire, the zeal, and the fortitude to respond to the gift of faith we have received in our Baptism so that we can go out and “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18).

Copyright 2014, Jean Heimann

Jean Heimann

Jean Heimann

Jean M. Heimann has been involved with adult faith formation for 23 years. She has an M.A. in Theology and is a new evangelizer, freelance writer, and oblate with the Community of St. John. Jean blogs at Catholic Fire.

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