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Over the last year and half I have been eagerly using Twitter to evangelize and spread the word of God. I tend to go on late evenings and at times tweet into the wee hours of the morning (for which at times I suffer greatly the next morning!).

I think I have found my calling.

Through Twitter, I have been able to connect with many wonderful Christians or those interested in the Christian faith. I enjoy reading different experiences that reflect our faith.

In particular I enjoy tweets that include links to great articles or websites that address different aspects of our faith in some way. I have learned a great deal about my faith through others and a great deal about myself as well.

I have been humbled on more than one occasion by fellow Christian brothers and sisters (for which I am thankful and greatly in their debt). Though I like to tweet or read tweets about our Christian faith in general, I tend to focus on that aberration referred to as abortion, along with apologetics, secularism/atheism, liberalisms/progressivism and politics (I am a diehard conservative).

In my online evangelization I have also come across those that challenge my faith; namely atheist who take issue with my postings. I must admit that at times I knowingly post tweets that would challenge their thinking so that I can create an opportunity to debate and hopefully evangelize.

During my online debates with atheists (that at times go on throughout the weekend), I have come across some articulate, respectful and well intentioned atheists who hold strong feelings about our Christian faith. I truly enjoy debating with them since they do challenge my faith and allow me to dig deep into my faith in my efforts to defend, explain or enlightened my challengers about our faith. For this I am deeply grateful since I have had to tread where many fear to tread.

Unfortunately, at times, I have been humbled in the sense that I had no response or simply did not know how to respond to a specific challenge. Rather than  question my faith, I take it as an opportunity to study, research and find the ‘Truth’. I have grown as a Christian and my faith has deepened.

I guess in some way, the atheist is doing God’s work and ironically ‘evangelizing’ the ‘evangelizer’ through the atheist challenging my thinking on my faith. The Lord does not want me to take anything for granted. He truly wants me to understand Him deeply. and He wants to strengthen me for spiritual battle. He creatively uses the atheist to challenge me and my faith. It brings to mind the parable of the seed sower  (Mathew 13:1-23).

On other occasions, I have had wonderful debates with what I like to call ‘soft atheists’-  those that on the surface call themselves atheists (perhaps not having the conviction to fully embrace the Lord), but in reality are questioning their own atheism. Through their challenging, they are actually seeking an opportunity to ‘cross-over’.

I hope that through my evangelizing on Twitter, that I have planted some seeds into those ‘soft atheists’ and that those seeds take root and that the Lord our God reveals Himself to them in His own way. I always pray for all of the atheists that I debate in the hope that they too will find the Truth.

Along with the articulate and respectful atheists I have encountered numerous ‘atheists’ who simply spew vile and hate. Rather than  debate, they take the opportunity to attack me personally, my faith, and my Lord and God directly.  What they say I would not even whisper into to the wind on a dark night with no one around.

Rather than try to ‘debate’ them or evangelize them, I simply  let them know that their comments are hateful and that their comments do not refer to their atheism but rather their hate –  they are simply hateful people.  At times, depending on the particular tweet I will offer to pray for them. I do this because in scripture we are told, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.” (Proverbs 26:4). I do not wish to be a fool.  I do forgive them their folly and I do pray for them in earnest.

My fellow Christians, I am using Twitter as an opportunity to evangelize. I encourage you to explore this online service and do likewise, if you find it comfortable. Learn from my experiences. Read and study Christian apologetics so that you are prepared to debate or evangelize – whichever the Lord leads you to in doing His work. Be respectful, forgiving, but not docile in defending the faith. Finally, remember – do not be taken in by a fool into his folly – rather pray for them, their salvation and their soul.

Copyright © 2013, Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo holds a Master of Arts - Integrated Studies from Athabasca University. His major interests are Culture, Work, Organizations and Leadership, within a context of Catholic Social Teaching Principles. He writes from Canada.

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