10 Ministries to Explore in Your Parish

Being a part of a Catholic parish isn’t a solo performance.

A parish is made up of people, young and old, and requires everyone’s involvement to grow and thrive.

For folks like me, getting involved is easy. For others, volunteering is a bit more difficult.

You may think, ‘What can I do? I don’t have any skills.’

Take a look at these parish ministries and see if they are a fit for your personality and talent.

1. Nursing Home Ministry

Catholics pledge to respect life from conception until natural death.

Our elderly brothers and sisters can be lonely and forgotten. Check with your parish offices about nursing home visits. Let these precious people know how special they are.

Visits can include praying the Rosary, passing out prayer cards, or simply sitting and chatting.

2. Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter Support

Roll up your sleeves, grab a dishcloth and an apron while you serve the less fortunate. You can volunteer to help serve food or clean up after dinner.

Homeless shelters often need supplies like toiletries, socks or clothing. Check the needs list of the shelter, and pick up some wish list items on your next trip to the store.

3. Religious Education

Even the most skilled and talented cannot teach the entire parish. Great catechists are an amazing blessing to our faith.

If you enjoy working with children , consider assisting or leading religious education class or working with vacation Bible school.

Would you rather chat with adults? How about working in RCIA or Adult Faith Formation classes?

You don’t need a theology degree to teach. Your diocese will send you through training.

4. Eucharistic Adoration

The privilege of sitting in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament is often overlooked.

Take a look at your parish calendar. Commit to one hour a week in Adoration.

Moms, you can can make it, with these tips for Adoration with small children.

5. Funeral Ministries

Many parishes may offer some sort of grief counseling. If this is an area that you feel comfortable, offer your time.

Another option may be taking meals to a family who have lost loved ones.

Nothing like this in your parish? Say a Rosary for the deceased and offer up the next Mass you attend for the repose of his soul.

6. Groundskeeping Committee

Got an awesome mower? What about signing up for the groundskeeping crew?

You can get some vitamin D while making sure that the parish grounds look great.

During the winter, it’s important to keep parking lots and sidewalks free from ice and snow.
Set your alarm and get up early to clear the grounds. You’ll be helping people get safely to Mass.

7. Pro-life Work

Check with your social justice or Respect Life committee.

You can volunteer time to pray in front of an abortion mill, take supplies to a pregnancy crisis center, or man a pregnancy hotline.

8. Youth Sports

If your parish has a school, there are usually sports teams.

Volunteer to lead soccer, volleyball or field hockey and be a good role model for Catholic youth.

9. Prison Ministry

A person serving a sentence in prison is still a child of God, worthy of love and respect.

Men and women behind bars need to hear Christ’s message and know they are not forgotten.

10. Social Media

Are you skilled with technology? Offer to be a part of your parish’s technology team.

You could share your talent for web design or manage your parish’s social media outposts like Twitter or Facebook.

How are you involved in your parish? What advice would you offer to others for getting involved?

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Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy is the newly minted mother of five, including a college freshman, a precocious first grader, identical twin boys, and a newly walking toddler. You'll find her sharing her stories at The Kennedy Adventures. You can connect with her on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  2. Dianna, this is a great list. Thanks for taking the time to put it together…it’s so much easier to share ideas when they’re listed like this. 🙂

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