2013 We Need a Miracle Giving Campaign

2013 We Need a Miracle Giving Campaign

Dear Friend,

We are elated to share with you it has now been TEN YEARS since Rosary Army first went online and started offering tools and resources for the New Evangelization to the world. Since then, we’ve added several new initiatives and put them all under the banner of New Evangelizers. None of this would have been possible without you. So thank you!

If you can believe it, it has also been over THREE YEARS since we last ran a giving campaign to support our efforts. Not many non-profit organizations can make such a claim. We’re able to do so because of the monthly support of so many people like you. Unfortunately, many people who have supported us for years are no longer able to do so, and this has put an enormous strain on our apostolate.

In fact, other than the request at the bottom of our weekly emails, we haven’t asked for single dime since 2009. And while the fact we have not had to ask for money in all that time is a good thing, unfortunately we are now at a point where our bank account is nearly tapped out.

But right now, we literally need a miracle to help us continue.

In recent years, all of our costs have increased.  Between skyrocketing postage and supply costs, online hosting and other services, combined with contractor and other expenses, we cannot emphasize enough how desperately we need your help right now.

For example, we have always paid all postage to send a free all-twine knotted Rosary to anyone in the world who requests one through our website.  Postage alone for just one Rosary is $2.07, and that doesn’t even include packaging, printing, and other operational costs.  We spend thousands of dollars a year in postage alone when sending out free tools and resources for the New Evangelization.

Another significant expense is website hosting for all of our various online initiatives (podcast hosting, multiple websites, online services, domain registrations) costs us upwards of $2,000 a year.  And that doesn’t event include ongoing development costs.

Those are just a few examples where funds are very much needed right now because in less than 45-days, we will no longer have the funds to continue freely providing tools and resources for the New Evangelization, including the all-twine knotted Rosaries we’ve been giving away for over ten years.

Click here to provide an emergency donation or to become a monthly donor to New Evangelizers and Rosary Army right now.

On average, it takes us nearly $40,000 a year to maintain our operations. Without your help, by the end of August (if not sooner), our bank account will be empty. We currently have just over $2,000 available to continue paying postage, equipment, contractor fees and packing costs in our effort to distribute free resources to whomever requests one around the world.

In the past, we’ve counted on you to help.

Do you realize you are a part of something very important?

Because of you, in the past ten years Rosary Army and New Evangelizers has:

  • Played a vital role in establishing the need for Catholic New Media as the first Catholic organization to use podcasting technologies,
  • Distributed millions of Rosaries,
  • Created free audio and video productions that have been downloaded nearly 5 million times,
  • Sent free religious materials to six continents, countless countries, and every state in the United States,
  • Provided mission Rosaries to third world countries, military personnel, hospitals, and prisons,
  • Promoted life-changing Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary through free audio downloads on our website,
  • Celebrated the good work of other Catholics through our annual Promote Catholicism initiative,
  • And so much more.

YOU made this happen.

This important work is made possible by your support.

We humbly ask you to become a monthly donor, or make a donation before July 31, 2013, to help us reach our annual budget and continue giving away Rosaries, CDs, and DVDs to whomever requests one in this New Evangelization.

Click here to make your online donation right now or send your tax-deductible donation via check or money order to:

New Evangelizers
P.O. Box 1614
Parker, CO 80134

Thank you so much, and if you are unable to financially help us, please keep this important work in your prayers.

In Jesus Through Mary,
Jennifer Willits
President and Co-Founder



Jennifer Willits

Jennifer Willits

Jennifer Willits is the President and Co-Founder of New Evangelizers, Rosary Army, and multiple other Catholic apostolates. She is an award-winning radio, new media, and television host and co-author of "The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living." Most importantly, she is a wife and mother to five beautiful children.

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  • esd says:

    Isn’t this just great!

    Jennifer’s intentions, people all around the world with these rosaries, and all of us “distance connected” part of Rosary Army …. we’ve stormed the gates of heaven, asked for assistance from Our Lady, and here we are!

    Giving Campaign Exceeds all Expectations!

    Just as our Grace from God!

    So, kudos for your faith, intentions, and persistence Jennifer, in your new role.

    So, kidus for your family, faith, evangelization, intentions, and persistence Greg and Jennifer – and all the Catholics Next Door.

    With faith, anything IS possible!

    Thanks specifically to all who contributed to this success. Your intentions are in my prayers too 🙂

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