Learn Your Faith By Listening

Learn Your Faith By Listening

I’ve been a big fan of Catholic radio for a number of years.

One day, my husband mentioned that he’d heard a young priest who was wonderful.

He didn’t give me many specifics, and my Internet searches seamed fruitless until the following day when Brett was able to catch a name.

Father John Riccardo.

Based in Michigan, Father Riccardo has become of my favorite Catholic speakers.

You’ll find iTunes full of his homilies and talks. I’ve even shared them with my friends from time to time.

One of his parishioners took on the daunting task of organizing his talks into an outline. She uses this as a starting point for her children’s religious education, but it’s an amazing resource for any Catholic looking to learn more about their faith.

Who are your favorite Catholic speakers? Brandon Vogt highlighted hundreds of speakers last fall during Support a Catholic Speaker Month … Check them out and share your favorites in the comments.

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Dianna Kennedy

Dianna Kennedy

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