Kathryn Cunningham

Kathryn Cunningham, a contributor to this blog, went to her eternal rest in February. Kathryn began writing here in 2012. I always looked forward to her posts and her wry comments in our email exchanges. Jnnifer Willits, the site’s founder, said, “While I have never had the fortune of meeting her in person, I am very grateful to have benefitted from the gift of her writing talent on our blog.  Even though her earthly pilgrimage is over, her online writing still remains as a testament to her love of the Catholic Church.”

In your charity, please offer a prayer for the repose of her soul.

You can find all of her posts here.

She also had her own blog, A Traveler’s View.


Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is a Catholic wife, mom, writer and educator. With a Masters in Educational Leadership, another in Pastoral Administration and a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Linguistics; it seems she is always teaching someone about something especially about faith, Catholicism and how it all fits into our daily lives. Deanna is available to lead retreats and speak at catechist and ministry events. Learn more about her on her website, DeannaBartalini.com; CatholicMom.com; AmazingCatechists.com; on Twitter @notlukewarm316, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

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