You Saint You!

In November our Church calls us to remember the remarkable of the Church both recognized (All Saints) and those unrecognized (All Souls). We set up memorial tables, reverence the book of the dead and attend memorial Masses. All the while taking comfort in the idea that we are doing our duty of remembrance. We revere the past, but what about the here and now?
If someone asks you if you are a saint what would you tell them? Oh, no, not me, I’m not good enough for that. Wrong answer! The Church recognizes two types of saints. Saints with a capital “S” are those we have heard the heroic stories about. Saints with a lower case “s” are all of us who were/are believers. That makes you and me a saint. We are all in transition between the little “s” and the big “S”. That’s what the journey of faith is all about.
As far as the duties of a saint in transition what are your responsibilities? We should take no false comfort in the idea that we have prayed for the dead in November. Rather, its our my duty as well as responsibility to be in communication with the Lord and to “do whatever he tells you.” (Jn 2:5) “ To become a saint means to fulfill completely what we already are, raised to the dignity of God’s adopted children in Christ Jesus….” ( Pope Benedict XVI)


           Saint Who?
Holy, weird, creepy,
Which is it that qualifies one for Saint Hood?
All of the above.
None of the Above.
It’s bigger than all that!
Saint…… a way of thinking
A matter of the heart,
and not that foreign to any of us!
People who weep,
People who yell,
People who laugh,
People who fight for cause,
People who live life and keep their far away vision always new,
No matter what,
………Saint You!


Copyright ©2017 Kathryn M. Cunningham


Kathryn M. Cunningham

Kathryn M. Cunningham

Kathryn holds a Master’s in Education from Saint Xavier University. Most recently she completed Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. This recent degree was part of a “retirement project” after teaching for 35 years. She has also worked as a spiritual director, music minister,council member and prayer team warrior. Kathryn has a deep interest in catechesis for the people in the pews. As a “sort of” convert she finds the wisdom of the Church a source for encouragement, joy and survival in a world not sure of anything. Her writing has appeared in diocesan publications and on-line sites, most recently for Zenit. To learn more about Kathryn check out her thinking at:">

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