Praising God In Everything

I n today’s responsorial, take from Psalm 147, we are urged to praise God in everything because it is right to do so. We praise God wholeheartedly, not just with our lips, but with our songs and poems, indeed our very being.
We praise God as the Creator, the Almighty. Think about what that title means for a moment. We are used to earthly powers, powers that often rule by fear and intimidation… And while these rulers can do much harm to thousands, their rule is really just a fleeting moment in time. They have no more control than any other person. Thy may destroy a body, but they cannot touch a soul… neither to create nor to destroy. God alone ca do that. I praise God daily for His sovereign majesty, his lovingkindness that sustain us and recreate our beings every moment of our lives.
I also praise God for the wonder and vastness of the universe, which is also sustained and renewed moment by moment. The unimaginable vastness of the cosmos. I once saw a photograph taken by the Hubble of galaxies so far away they looked like a spattering of islands in the blackness of space. And it dawned on me that when God cleanses us of our sins, they are sent away from us, even farther than the billions of miles it would take to cross the universe to those galaxies.
The psalmist continues his song of praise recounting some of the things the Lord has done to rescue Israel. What have you seen the Lord to deliver your local parish, or even the larger Church in the world, from its enemies? How has He given us the strength to fight on ween the opposition looks so much stronger? He has promised us that evil will never defeat His church. If we stay close to Him, discerning His will moment by moment in the battle, we will see great things.
Taking it one step further, what have you seen the Lord do in your own life? What blessings have you received? What trials have you been delivered from? Take some time this weekend a make a praise list. And then make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski is a long time member of the Catholic Writers Guild. She has published book reviews at various websites and appears in two volumes of A Community of Voices: An Anthology of Santa Barbara. When not busy about her parish, Carol Ann can be found knitting, gardening, or on horseback.

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