Rest in God

“Make the people sit down,” Jesus told them.  John 6: 10

The first thing Jesus did before miraculously feeding the five thousand was to have the people sit down.

When we’re spiritually hungry, the first thing God probably needs us to do is to rest in him. God can’t satisfy our hungry hearts if we’re frantically trying to fill our emptiness on our own. Pre-occupation with busyness is self-defeating. Trying to pull ourselves up by our spiritual bootstraps leads away from God.

“Stop struggling and know that I am God.” That’s one translation of Psalm 46:11. Why is it so hard to stop struggling and rest in God?

Yes we have to do what we can, but we never have to do more than we can. God will certainly guide and strengthen us to take the actions we’re meant to take, but when we’ve done our best, we can let go. We can trust God, who “lets us rest in fields of green grass and leads us to quiet pools of fresh water.” (Psalm 23: 2)

When we’re frustrated in our strained attempts to help others, we entrust them to God, too. We don’t have to be anyone’s savior. Like the disciples who helped feed the five thousand, all we have to do is trust, obey Jesus’ directions, and share what we’ve received.

When we’re running on empty, if we allow ourselves sit down—and encourage others to do the same—we might be astonished at how we’re nourished and our strength is renewed.

Prayer: Lord, may we rest in you.

Reflection: What keeps you from resting in God?

Copyright 2016, Barbara Hosbach

Barbara Hosbach

Barbara Hosbach

Barbara Hosbach, freelance writer, is co-chair of the CJ Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild and member of the Catholic Press Association. Hosbach’s articles have appeared in a number of Catholic periodicals. Her latest book, Your Faith Has Made You Well: Jesus Heals in the New Testament, explores what happened when Jesus healed and what it means for us today. Your Faith Has Made You Well: Jesus Heals in the New Testament and Fools, Liars, Cheaters, and Other Bible Heroes

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