Growing With Good News Ministries

I remember back in the early days of my desire to grow in love of God and in knowledge of His word. One of the first steps I took was reading the daily Mass readings (I could not attend daily Mass at that time because of my work and caregiving schedule) that were listed in the parish bulletin. This was a great discovery, and it made me feel much more connected, but I often found myself not understanding the significance of why the first reading and the Gospels were paired together or the deeper meanings of the passages themselves.
This was before I knew about Liturgy of the Hours. Lectio Divina was even further off my radar. But the desire was there, and I turned to the resource that was always there-the internet-and searched for reflections on the daily readings. I tried several sites, but nothing really seemed to satisfy me until I stumbled across Good News Ministries. The first few reflections were understandable, and they made me think. Just what the doctor ordered! Best of all, I could subscribe to a daily email and not miss a single one, even if life did get crazy for days.
As time went on, it seemed like more and more of these reflections were written specifically for me, and I wanted to share this with someone. At that time, Good News Ministries subscribers were sharing with each other by email (the format for sharing has since changed) and I found a community on line that I was not able to have physically.
Over the years, I have watched Good News Ministries grow from this online community sharing daily reflections to one of the most unique online ministries I have encountered. The number of subscribers has grown exponentially worldwide and the daily reflections are now translated into Spanish as well. The web site also has wonderful seasonal reflections and online retreats for Advent and Lent, videos and reflections on spiritual growth, and an amazing number of prayers.
The number of resources available through this ministry is astonishing. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the dedication and perseverance of its founders, and volunteer staff, Good News Ministries is continuing to grow, reaching more people worldwide. Be sure to visit and use the resources for marriage and family life, the video series on listening to the Holy Spirit, and much, much more that will feed your soul. And don’t forget to visit to learn more about the amazing history of this organization.

Copyright 2016, Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski

Carol Ann Chybowski is a long time member of the Catholic Writers Guild. She has published book reviews at various websites and appears in two volumes of A Community of Voices: An Anthology of Santa Barbara. When not busy about her parish, Carol Ann can be found knitting, gardening, or on horseback.

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