Do’s and Don’ts of Evangelization

A few weeks ago, I spent 30 hours with 40 8th graders in our parish’s Confirmation Boot Camp.

Every year, one of the topics we bumble through is evangelization.

Seriously: can we just strike that from the topic list? Plllleeeease?

Except, no, I know we can’t. I know its importance on so many levels.

And I struggle, all the same.

This year, one of the great helps I had was thanks to the wonderful work by Lifeteen. On their Youtube channel, while I was jammin to their new release of Mass Fitness (which, if you haven’t watched, you should), I came across one titled “Do’s and Don’ts of Evangelization.”

Video link

In fact, I have it playing in the background as I’m typing. And I’m laughing all over again.

This video nails it, don’t you think?

In just under four minutes, it highlights what makes me squirm and why I hesitate with this topic.

The kids loved it, by the way. In fact, I think I’ll be using this video any time I have to speak about evangelization.

My takeaway: keep it real, keep it honest, keep it on-track.

Now, your turn: what’s your takeaway?

Copyright 2014, Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard continues to be shocked and delighted that her life as a grown-up involve horses, writing, and sparkly dress shoes. In her work in the New Evangelization as a Catholic wife, mom, writer, parish employee, and catechist, she’s learned a lot of lessons, had a lot of laughs, and consumed mass amounts of coffee. She’s online at and, and is the author of a number of books.

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