Highlighting New Evangelizers: Alex Trinidad

Here’s proof that the New Evangelization knows no age boundaries: Alex Trinidad, age 8.

Alex made his First Communion this spring and has been so inspired by Pope Francis that he did something remarkable.

He took the $465 he received as gifts and donated it to the Ecumenical Kitchen in his hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He told his mom, “If we don’t feed the hungry, who will?”

His mom emailed me about it, and sent me the link to the news piece.

Turns out Alex’s goal is to raise awareness so that more people help to feed the hungry in their communities. According to his mom:

I thought if you felt so inclined to post something where it would be seen by more people in the hopes that they, too would help the hungry and helpless in their local communities, well that would just make Alex’s day.

I’m taking notes, Alex, and making plans to get my own eight-year-old involved.

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Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard continues to be shocked and delighted that her life as a grown-up involve horses, writing, and sparkly dress shoes. In her work in the New Evangelization as a Catholic wife, mom, writer, parish employee, and catechist, she’s learned a lot of lessons, had a lot of laughs, and consumed mass amounts of coffee. She’s online at SnoringScholar.com and CatholicMom.com, and is the author of a number of books.

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