The Lighthouse

For millennia, sailors have ventured out to open treacherous seas. Some go for adventure, some go for profit, and others go for battle. Once they have set sail, they expose themselves to the unforgiving elements of which they have little control. They must rely on their own wits, wisdom of the sea, and at times sheer luck, with little to go by but the grace of God.

How many ships have run aground while in the midst of stormy seas or unknown waters? How many lives have been given up to the waves which these sailors sought to conqueror? How many, in the final moments of the realization that they are about to perish, seek the help and guidance of God and find silence?

For many sailors, the welcome sight of a lighthouse, with its shining beacon of light, was their signpost or warning of nearby danger or a route to a safe harbour. The lighthouse shines brightly through all of the elements nature could throw at it.

It stands its ground in the relentless drive to help those lost out at sea. In the absence of such a lighthouse, the ship and its crew is left to its own resources to navigate blindly the perilous seas and hope for a safe passage.

As Christians, we are each called to be such a lighthouse.  We are called to be shining beacons of hope for the Lord our God. We are asked to provide guidance and help to those who seek shelter from the storms of life.

We are called to guide those who have lost their way, back into the safe harbour of our Lord and our faith. We are called to stand our ground no matter what society throws at us so that we too remain relentless in our role as guides and signposts to those seeking spiritual shelter.

Just as the lighthouse is built on rock or a sound footing, we too must place our faith in the rock of the word of the Lord. Standing strong against all elements so that we may be seen by all who seek the guidance of the Lord.

Just as the lighthouse sheds light to warn of danger, we too, as Christians are called to shine our light upon what is just and right  in the eyes of the Lord, so that weary souls may make their way from darkness into the light and see what we have shined our light upon.

Together, in unity, the Christian faithful become one glorified lighthouse shining the Lord’s holy light upon all the people of the world. In unity, the spiritual lighthouse shines brilliantly and reaches every corner of the earth – providing guidance, shelter and hope for those who are oppressed by the ruthless and those Christians that are being persecuted for exercising their faith. Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul ll wrote:

“Through prayer you will possess Christ and be able to communicate him to others. And this is the greatest contribution you can make in your lives: to communicate Christ to the world.”

I encourage and challenge all followers of Christ to be beacons of hope, love, and charity, spreading the word of the Lord as the lighthouse shines its light upon the weary sailors.

Copyright © 2013, Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo

Luciano Corbo holds a Master of Arts - Integrated Studies from Athabasca University. His major interests are Culture, Work, Organizations and Leadership, within a context of Catholic Social Teaching Principles. He writes from Canada.

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