Responding with a Touch

Continuing our ongoing discussion of  Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization

We’re finishing Part III, “The Focus of the New Evangelization,” with “The Response of the New Evangelization to Today’s World.”

In this final paragraph, the bishops acknowledge the cultural contexts and situations our missing brothers and sisters face. We have to remember what people face in their everyday lives, the challenges that rise against them, the things that keep them away.

The facts the bishops present are serious. They are a big. If I’m not careful, I start to feel overwhelmed by this whole call to the New Evangelization.

I must not be the only one. Read this:

The New Evangelization offers hope. Our hope is not in a program or philosophy but in the person of Jesus Christ, who comforts those who are burdened.

So often, it’s easy to get into a program mentality.

It happens at my parish. Hey, it happens in my home!

We do, do, do. We forget to be. We fail to see who.

We are MORE than a program or a philosophy.

It’s bigger than an idea.

And the response is as easy–and as hard–as a simple touch.

Open the Gospels, any of them. Find a story of Jesus. See how quickly you lose count of his touches.

Jesus calls us to touch. Sometimes, that’s a physical touch. (Maybe more often than people like me are comfortable admitting.) Other times, it’s the emotional touch.

How will you touch those around you? How will your touch be a witness today?

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Sarah Reinhard

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  1. It is also about being fully present to the person/people you are with in that moment. That is another way to touch people, since we are all often multitasking.

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