It’s Not New, But We Need It

Continuing our ongoing discussion of  Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization

We’re up to page 6, “Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the New Evangelization.” In this section, Pope Benedict highlights that the New Evangelization is not, in fact, new.

The culture and society, though, needs a new approach. That’s why he has established the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization and proposed that the next synod of bishops focus on New Evangelization.

When describing why he created a council for the promotion of the New Evangelization, Pope Benedict XVI stated that the mission of the Church has always remained the same, but the cultural contexts confronting man and the Church have changed.

The church has particular challenges now:

Pope Benedict XVI noted that the Church is being challenged by “an abandonment of the faith—a phenomenon progressively more manifest in societies and cultures which for centuries seemed to be permeated by the Gospel.”

If you’re like me, when you read this, you’re nodding.

It doesn’t take a special vision to see that our world seems to be steadily abandoning the Christian faith. The little faith left is rapidly changing and shrinking in the face of secularization.

Don’t think that means there’s no hope, though. Not at all!

We need this New Evangelization as much as “those other people.” Maybe more, as I stop to think about my own life.

How often do I pause to thank others? To look the least among me in the face? To cheerfully do my duty without begrudging the interruption?

I don’t need to look any farther than my own life to see just how much the New Evangelization is needed.

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Sarah Reinhard

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